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The 'Kalaripayatu' is a martial art based on the idea of a sound mind in a sound body. 'Kalaripayatu' has four stages of training. 'Maippayattu' is a series of body control exercise for flexibility. The next stage 'Koltari' is fighting with the wooden weapons. 'Ankatari' is the training in using metal weapons. 'verumkaiprayogam' is the learning to know and attack on the vulnerable points of the body.

We provide facility to undergo 'Kalaripayatu' training through our associates. For more information

Please call     : V.P. Sukumaran
LHO Office     : 91- 9446259393
Cell     : 91- 9446259393
Or send email to     : sukumaran@libertyhouseonline.com

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